Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem opening the file, what can i do?
Please try to download the file again, this usually solves the problem.

I have a question about one of your products
You are welcome to contact us at our email below. You may also try looking for the information at the product page, by clicking the Visit Website or Details button on the products page (see the main site menu), or by using the Search box above.

Is your product safe and free from Ads and Spyware?
Our products are
%100 free from spyware and adware.

Can you make it open source?
Almost all our products source code can be purchased, as we feel the "purchasable source" approach provides the best of all GPL/MIT and commercial licensing: You can get the source code and feel secure you have %100 control over the product you use, and on the other hand, the maker gets compensation for the hard work and time invested in the product.

Is there a PDF version of the manuals?
You can download Manuals and files for software components and tools here.

Can I distribute your FREE software with my COMMERCIAL software?
Yes. The free versions of our software can be distributed and bundled in any way, totally free of charge - You don't need to pay us anything. For full details see the license for that specific product.
The professional versions (Pro) can only be bundled with your software (again, see license for that product).


Our support team will be glad to assist you with any question, issue or feedback you may have.

Mail: SoftwareAlgorithms.com@gmail.com